I admit, I have been in business quite a long time. Oh no, it does not mean that I am old – I would just say I have gathered some experience. Actually I have been really lucky, since I have been able to observe the change of the working methods and hence also the change of the required skills. When I think my first years in the business, I often wonder how I did survive, having only theories on which to lean. I was saved by the experienced and patient colleagues, who explained – often many times – how the business is run. It did assist that I was able to absorb data quite fast – you know, empty space is easy to fill. 

When I consider the business environment now, I see that people need much larger skill pack for survival in the business jungle. I am not thinking of skills linked to the technology – I mean skills, which are required in people-to-people situations; skills that secure businessperson’s personal mental health and skills that secure that we can live satisfying life. 

I have listed some essential skills for survival. I know that with the exception of Marvel Enterprises, there are quite few superwomen or supermen, so we do not usually have all these skills. But we all do have some and we can learn and develop the ones we miss. 

Check out this list: 

  • Self-management; time, physical condition, control on digital presence  In the future we all will be entrepreneurs. We sell our skills and time to the companies and get paid. This means that we have to manage everything by ourselves. So start your self-management program now and be prepared to future challenges. 
  • Adaptation to organisations, teams, environments, people.  The speed of change is increasing and we have to adapt nearly every day to new challenges. They may be new software, new organisation, new working method, and new people. We have to love the change and have open mind to avoid fear and frustration. If you do not love it, the constant change will be hell. 
  • Constant learning. As well as adaptation, we have to learn continuously. Actually this is very good, since it keeps our brains in good condition. It is tough and gets tougher when you get older. So get used to it. 
  • Project management and project work.  Every task nowadays is a project or at least project-like. Tasks have limited resources – whether time, money or skills – and they are like projects. So, as well as entrepreneurs, we all can find and get familiar with the small project manager, who lives in our body. Get to know her/him well, you will need her/him. 
  • 24/7. I wonder why we still use the old-fashioned way of expressing time, like meet me at 1700 or 5 p.m. The most often used time is NOW. I need it now – well occasionally it is needed yesterday – but our 24/7 world skips other time zones and only approved one is now. 
  • Presentation, online and offline, talk and written. We all have also to learn to be stand-up comedians, talk-show hosts, media persons, screen writers etc. We need all these skills to sell our ideas, to get financed, to get some other resources. So be prepared to be a renaissance generalist, to survive in the modern world. 

I do not complain, we do have to adapt to future business environment. Just remember that you are yourself responsible of how to adapt. I have used the following methods in my adaptation: 

  • Learn to say yes to every new thing and jump in the area of inconvenience 
  • Learn to love the uncertainty, that keeps you sane 
  • Jump out of every possible box, that way you find ideas 
  • To create something great, learn to fly 
  • To keep yourself fit, allow time for physical exercise, digital-free breaks, meeting people face to face and rest 
  • And, most important one: remember to have fun 

The lesson of course is that the only person you really can manage is yourself.